Learning to


Knowledge is power in the fight against Diabetes. Our 12-week education program helps indigenous communities learn the principles of mind/body health in a way that resonates with local values and spiritual beliefs.

Educational Partners

Each community we serve has its own culturally-adapted 12-week diabetes prevention education program


Access videos and manuals here to help fight diabetes.


Through a university internship program, ‘Amanaki Fo’ou is training future leaders to make a local impact

The Challenge

Today, indigenous communities face a much higher rate of diabetes than other populations. But by looking to the diabetes-free past of these proud peoples, we can find the knowledge necessary to unlock a diabetes-free future.

“Once I understood that our body is a temple, everything else I was supposed to stop was apparent.”

Melitisa Ha’unga

Program Participant

We Need Your Help

Whether you’re giving a donation, spreading the word on social media, or joining us on a medical mission, our success depends on volunteers like you deciding to get involved and make an impact.


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Needed: volunteers with big hearts and willing hands