Energized Interns


‘Amanaki Fo’ou depends on interns to help realize our vision of a diabetes-free future for indigenous communities. Through our internship program with university students at BYU Hawaii, we’ve seen future leaders from all over Polynesia change the lives of Hawaiian locals, while preparing to take our message of hope back to their own native lands.

Enriching Your Resume

We expect a lot from our interns, but that hasn’t stopped them from exceeding those expectations. As an intern, you’ll get invaluable leadership opportunities as you work with the people of Hawaii to administer our 12-week educational program, learn how to facilitate community action, and build coalitions to serve the public good.

Make a Real Difference

There are many internships out there, but not many give you an opportunity to make the world a truly better place. ‘Amanaki Fo’ou is proud to help our interns work with real people to make a real difference that can last for generations.

‘Amanaki Fo’ou has a place for everyone, whether your major is focused on health, social work, accounting, or English – you have contributions that can add value to ‘Amanaki Fo’ou. I could not more highly recommend this program, and more especially this organization for the great work they are doing for Pacific people.

Eden Brown


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