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Diabetes has left a profound impact on the communities we serve. To combat this epidemic, we’ve been making some profound impacts of our own. Here are the ways ‘Amanaki Fo’ou is working with indigenous populations to create real, measurable change for a happier, healthier future.

We see the big problem with diabetes is that the individual does not often feel that he is ill and he does not realize he has diabetes until it is too late and he is suddenly confronted by the fact that the organs of his body are damaged.”

Dr. Siale ‘Akau’ola

CEO, Ministry of Health, Tonga

A Matter of Life and Death

6 out of 10

nations with the highest rates of Diabetes are in the Pacific

2 out of 3

cases of kidney failure for Native Americans come from Diabetes


of Pacific Islanders over 18 have Diabetes.

Our Solutions in Action

Improved Treatment


Proactive Prevention


Culturally Infused Solutions

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Strengthened Relationships

Medical Training

When local doctors and nurses adopt proven methods of surgery, wound care and collaboration, many more lives and limbs can be saved.

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Hope takes root when communities return to growing their own food to provide sustainable nutrition.

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By building relationships with local government and religious organizations, we amplify the reach of our vital message.

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Stories of Hope

Amazing things happen when people realize that they have a say in their future. Every success story motivates us to create more.

Success Stories


My journey was very challenging, but I saw the blessing of it. I was born and raised on the island of Fiji where we tend

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Success Stories


My name is Peniasi Cibaciba. I’m from Samoa. I heard about ‘Amanaki Fo’ou through friends on social media. I was a senior at BYU- Hawaii

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Success Stories

Lisiate Tupou

I got admitted to the hospital in May of 2015 and found out that I had cellulitis. I weighed 230 kg (over 500 lbs.) and both of my legs were in very bad shape. For almost two months, local doctors tried all kinds of treatments on my leg which never helped at all.

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Our Future Needs You

The greatest resource we have to create a Diabetes-free future is each other. Whether you’re making a donation, volunteering your time, or helping us spread the word online, we need you to become a part of our global community of compassion.


Your donation goes a long way


Great partners make a great difference


Needed: volunteers with big hearts and willing hands

Dr. Rob Ferguson

Chair of Treatment Team

Co-founder of ‘Amanaki Fo’ou’ with wife Andrea Ferguson

Since 2013, Rob Ferguson has been working with ministries of health, medical professionals, government leaders, and hospital and clinic staff to address the management, treatment, and education on the sequelae of diabetes. Rob is a reconstructive surgeon and hospital system medical officer with Intermountain Health (based in Salt Lake City, UT). His focus includes training teams on surgical management of diabetic complications as well as working with local teams to recruit volunteer specialists to meet their goals and needs.



Rob graduated from Brigham Young University prior to obtaining his medical degree from the University of Virginia. His surgical and specialty training programs include the University of Kentucky, MD Anderson Cancer Center (Houston, TX), and Chang Gung Memorial Hospital (Taipei, Taiwan). He obtained a masters in business administration from the University of Utah.